Madcoaster one of he coolest roller coaster games for ipad

Madcoaster one of he coolest roller coaster games for ipad

Do you like to discover new iPad games? Would you like to add a new, one of the coolest roller coaster games for iPad to your collection? We speak about Madcoaster. This platformer has come to iOS devices and brought the adventure of riding a virtual roller coaster.

Madcoaster Game for iPad Screenshot

Fans who like to get the feeling of danger on their gadgets might like to play this app.

How to Play

New iPad games are not always hard to master.

If you get Madcoaster on your tablet computer, you’ll be able to control a little roller coaster. There are a lot of dangerous tracks to pass and a few themed worlds to explore.

Tap a finger, and the roller coaster will jump to avoid drops. The same action will help you to collect coins and hit targets.

You get 3 lives to pass the “endless lopp.” Still it’s not that difficult to complete this journey. There are a lot of games for iPad that are more challenging and have much complicated levels.

How to Score Points

Madcoaster roller coaster game for iPad makes players stay on the tracks, perform jumps at the right time, collect coins and hit animals.

Even though you have to get pass endangered species, children will still like it as there is no blood here.

There are various bonuses to unlock and upgrade, and perform better to score more points and enjoy the gameplay to the fullest.


Even though gamers can change themed worlds, it still seems that the tracks you are riding all pretty similar.

Sometimes you can even get a feeling that Madcoaster is never-ending. Still track design shouldn’t prevent you from continuing playing and having fun since your objectives are different from level to level.