Ski safari ipad runner game of the week

Ski safari ipad runner game of the week

Ski Safari is a simple game with one-touch controls. Still this iPad game of the week is fun to play. It’s an ordinary runner; yet, it is enjoyable and keeps gamers busy for hours.

Ski Safari for iPad

Developers of this runner have mixed action, animals and avalanches. The gameplay experience offered to iOS users is rather casual.

Game Plot

Would you ever agree to buy or rent a camin on a mountain? You won’t have neighbors around you. And the territory will look avalanche-heavy. Would you?

Most people wouldn’t. But the main character of Ski Safari Sven did so. Maybe he was looking for trouble, maybe not. Still he got into one, and now all gamers can enjoy playing as an unfortunate skier.

Are you able to keep him out of trouble? Don’t make him crush into rocks or wall of show. Keep him away from any obstacles that appear on the way.

How to Play

This iPad runner is not difficult to play. As we have mentioned, it has one-touch controls.

If you wish to jump, tap the screen. If you need to flip, hold your finger. If you need to boost your speed, perform full flips and earn more points.

Sometimes you will find snowmobiles and other things that can help you to reach high speed.

Developers filled their iPad game of the week with various entertaining features such as yeti and penguins. They are fun to observe while playing. You won’t get bored enjoying Ski Safari.

Price and Details

You can download Ski Safari for $0.99.

This iPad game of the week can be played on iPads, iPhones and iPods touch with iOS 4.0. It has been named #1 Paid App inAustraliaand become popular in theUSA,New Zealandand other countries.

Fans of runner genre who like to have fun might enjoy playing Ski Safari. Feel free to tell what you think about the gameplay in the comments below.

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